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Temperature measurement is important wherever temperature-sensitive products are studied, produced, stored or transported. Rotronic offers a range of temperature measuring instruments to this end: from temperature probes and transmitters to handhelds and data loggers. The Rotronic Monitoring system makes it possible to access temperature and other necessary measured data at any time from anywhere in the world.

Temperature measurement often goes hand-in-hand with humidity measurement. You can also find examples of humidity measurement and temperature monitoring under Applications & Industries

Temperature Instruments Products

Temperature Transmitters
ThermoFlex5 – TF5 Temperature TransmitterTF1 – Inexpensive Temperature Transmitter
Handheld Instruments
ThermoPalm – TP22 – Handheld Temperature Meter
Temperature probe options for ThermoPalm – TP22
AC1916-A-TAC1913-AAC1909AC1905AC1904AC1903AC1902 – Insertion probeAC1900 – Fixed probe