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Our Calibration Service

Our comprehensive range of industry-leading calibration services includes an extensive list of on-site and laboratory-based instruments and equipment.

We are UKAS accredited for temperature and humidity calibration and we also provide a wide range of UKAS traceable calibration services.

Whether you have responsibility for maintaining environmental monitoring systems, pressure gauges, process transmitters or fridges and freezers – Intech has the appropriate calibration method to meet your requirements.

Our temperature calibration offering ranges from -90°C to +125°C, we meet the needs of our customers who cover a broad range of industries and sectors – such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Healthcare, Clinics, Cleanroom, Food & Beverage and facilities engineering based industry.

We undertake:

At Intech Calibration we schedule our customers work according to the nature of their assignment and within a suitable time frame. We aim to achieve minimal disruption to our customers daily business operations.

We offer bespoke service level agreement contracts where our highly trained technicians will attend on pre-set dates or can be permanently located on your site.

Our Expertise:

Customer-driven every step of the way, our attention to detail will ensure all internal and external calibration and validation requirements have been met – and all reporting, monitoring and certification is handled on your behalf with the utmost professionalism.


Intech calibrate our temperature and humidity meters onsite in a efficient and professional manner. We no longer have to wait for instruments to be sent out and returned, we can have the meters calibrated and back in use on the same day.

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