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Whilst Intech offers a wide range of complimentary services to our customers, we simply cannot offer everything our customers require. Through our continuous customer feedback programme, we have learnt that a large number of our clients are facing increased pressure from workloads, whilst still needing to manage a significant number of suppliers. For this reason, Intech offers an equipment management service where we aim to take away the time-consuming administration, thus allowing customers to spend more time on their own work.

A single point of contact is offered to all customers using this service which aims to save time through every step of the process.

We will work hard to find the best service in terms of testing capability, quality and regulatory compliance. The cheapest provider is not necessarily the best and so all circumstances are uniquely assessed at the time of enquiry. We carefully consider the general performance of a service provider before instructing them to work on our behalf. Customer preferences in terms of supplier, service detail, calibration detail etc. are carefully considered before proposals are issued.

Our tailored service allows us to manage part or all of a customer asset list in terms of routine service/calibration. We use a reliable and trusted network of companies to provide customers with an often much needed time saving service. Our service can be as simple as a small number of instruments and can be scaled up to include site wide asset management.

In addition to managing equipment, we also help customers with compiling and maintaining calibration master lists (CML’s) or similar type documents to dictate calibration practices and specifications.

We are working towards supporting specialist laboratory equipment in this manner and will update the following list of capabilities accordingly:

Equipment Calibration and Service list:

  1. Balances
  2. Pipettes
  3. Handheld thermometers and hygrometers *
  4. Temperature and temperature/humidity data loggers *
  5. Laminar flow benches *
  6. Downflow booths *
  7. Fume cupboards *
  8. Microbiological safety cabinets (MSC’s, BSC’s etc.) *
  9. Pharmaceutical isolators*
  10. Fridges **
  11. Freezers **
  12. Incubators **
  13. ULT freezers **
  14. Blast freezers **
  15. Cryostorage facilities **

*Service/validation performed directly by Intech.
** As above except calibration/validation only, not compressor type service etc.