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Hydrogen peroxide decontamination, also known as vapourised hydrogen peroxide, or VHP decontamination, is one of the fastest and most effective methods of neutralising contaminants.

Coronavirus – COVID-19. Sanitise, disinfect and sterilise your premises.

Used in facilities and research labs, CL3 and CL4 Containment Laboratories, fermentation suites, hospital isolation and critical care areas, operating theatres, pharmaceutical cleanroom production areas or tissue culture labs and blood banks. And it can also be used for transport applications and for public facilities of all kinds.

Decontamination can be grouped into three different levels of effectiveness

  • Sanitisation – making your area and the objects within it clean
  • Disinfection – eliminating pathogenic organisms, either completely killing them or making them harmless
  • Sterilisation – completely eliminating microbial viability

Each level offers different tiers of sterility assurance, and this is counted in logs. Every log reduction represents a 90% reduction of non-pathogenic and pathogenic spores, fungi and viruses – the microbial population. So a two log (10-2) reduction brings sanitisation, a five log (10-5) reduction is disinfection, and a six log (10-6) reduction reduces microbial population to virtually zero – sterilisation.

It can be used in the open air and in all room temperatures and humidity, and is effective at destroying microorganisms even in harder to reach areas.

Low concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide – With no noxious fumes, VHP is safe to transport and safe for operators to use, giving it a distinct advantage against other systems that use high concentrations that are potentially hazardous.

Fast acting formula – Ionised Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination reduces microbial contaminants to below detectable levels in minutes, killing bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi including MRSA and C Difficile. This fast decontamination service helps to minimise the downtime associated with contamination problems.

Breaks down quickly after use – Environmentally friendly, VHP leaves no residue and it breaks down into harmless components (oxygen and water), meaning that your space and your operations can be quickly restored to normal use.

Materials compatibility – As the VHP decontamination process does not damage room contents, including electronics, equipment does not have to be cleared prior to use, allowing faster overall times and ensuring that equipment gets decontaminated too.

Intech offers a cost effective, quick and easy way to achieve all this.

Prices start from £395+vat