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Bench Mounted Service Ducts

Diagram key

  1. Worktop
  2. Drip cup with water outlet
  3. Panel with sockets
  4. Panel with corner valves
  5. Storage area, service duct
  6. Service duct
  7. Multipurpose upright
  8. Media supply duct
  9. Suspended underbench unit
Bench mounted service ducts

Intended use bench mounted service duct

  • Services supply of double benches
  • Design versions for genetical engineering areas
  • Modular fastening of cell add-on parts to the multipurpose uprights, e.g. reagent repositories, instrument shelfs, suspended cabinets, scaffold points, etc.
  • Tool-free installation of supplementary service duct add-on parts such as pegboard, monitor arm, pipette holder, paper towel dispenser, universal storage area, etc.
  • Not suitable for double benches where separate work surfaces are required
    (see also BGI/GUV-I 850-0)

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