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EN7 Bench-mounted fume cupboard

Diagram key

  1. Sash with handle bar
  2. Worktop
  3. FAZ or AC control panel
  4. Removable fascia panel
  5. Extract air spigot integrated in fume – scrubber (optional)
  6. Baffle
  7. H-frame with push-in underbench unit with support and service panels

Intended Use

  • Protective device for the user, tested in acc. with DIN EN 14175-7:2012
  • Suitable for open, thermal processes of breaking down chemicals with aggressive media such as, e.g., sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid or aqua regia
  • The construction of the fume cupboard and the materials of the inner lining of the internal workspace determine which aggressive media the device can be used for
  • Extraction of fumes and aerosols from the internal workspace to prevent dangerous amounts of pollutants from escaping into the laboratory
  • To prevent the formation of dangerous potentially explosive atmospheres in the internal workspace
  • Protection from splashes of hazardous substances in the internal workspace
  • Protection from Ḁying particles, bodies or parts from the internal workspace
  • Fume cupboards constructed in acc. with DIN EN 14175-7:2012 not permitted for use with radioactive substances or microorganisms
  • For working with high thermal loads in connection with acid digestions in the internal workspace (heat sources of 4 KW per metre of clear width in the fume cupboard)

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