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Bench Mounted Fume Cupboards with Rear Installation

Diagram key

  1. Sanitary duct with gas and water outlets
  2. Wing edge (lamp or moulded part)
  3. Braced support
  4. Electrical trunking with electrical connections
  5. Ventilation duct with local extraction
  6. T wing element
Service wing

Our service wing defines the term „freedom in the laboratory“ in a very special way: The new service wing is a major design element which integrates all services such as mechanical or electrical services, EDP, energy-saving lighting, extract air and the waste water disposal system, thus offering a high degree of flexibility.

The expansion stages of the service wing

The service wing has a modular design and offers four independent expansion stages for free combination. For every application. Using the removable service panels, fittings and connections can be placed as desired.

Service wing for easy integration

Using the service wing simplifies the laboratory fitting out process and the coordination of different trades. One central feed point suffices.

Intended use

  • Laboratory areas with technical devices for services
  • Tool-free installation of supplementary service wing add-on parts

Services supply and disposal via the ceiling for:

  • Laboratory benches and sinks below the service wing
  • Local extraction systems and AeroEm fume cupboard
  • Laboratory devices on mobile tables or underbench constructions
  • Floor-mounted laboratory devices

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