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Suspended Service Booms

Diagram key

  1. Service panel with electric installation
  2. Service panel with sanitary installation
  3. Instrument shelf
  4. Service duct
  5. Ceiling stator
  6. Functional element
  7. Glass shelf
  8. Support
  9. Cover for service wall ducts
  10. Service duct
Suspended service booms

It is fitted with removable panels and an integrated rail and can also be used for floor plans independent of the services. The suspended service boom can be height-adjusted when mounted to the ceiling. It is also possible to install the suspended service boom to the service ceiling.

Intended use

  • Design versions for genetical engineering areas
  • Modular fastening of service boom add-on parts to the supporting construction, e.g. reagent repositories, instrument shelves, scaffold points, etc.
  • Tool-free installation of supplementary service duct add-on parts such as monitor arm, pipette holder, paper towel dispenser, universal storage area, etc.

Services supply from the ceiling for:

  • Laboratory benches below the suspended service boom
  • Laboratory devices on mobile tables or underbench constructions
  • Floor-mounted laboratory devices

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